Principles Of Production & Inventory Management

who is this course for?

Productions Shop Employees, Planners, Quality Control Employees, Factory Supervisors & Managers.

Duration Of The Course?


The PPIM program is 14 weeks to complete.  

Content Of The Course?

This course covers the basic principles and techniques applicable in the practice of Inventory and Production Management.

Covering key topics, it provides a sound understanding and base knowledge from which to develop further advancement and studies in the field of Operation Management.

The PPIM program consists of classroom lead sessions covering a range of topics surrounding operations within a manufacturing environment.  Topics include:

Objectives and Definitions of Production & Inventory Management


Inventory Fundamentals

Inventory Control Practice

Order Quantities

Physical Inventory, Warehouse Management and Physical Distribution

Production Planning

Master Productions Scheduling (MPS)

Introduction to Materials Requirements Planning (MRP)

Materials Requirements Planning Details

Capacity Management

Materials Management

Capacity Planning, Scheduling and Loading

Production Activity Control


Just in Time (JIT)

Total Quantity Management (TQM)

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