Basic Stores & Stock Control

Who is the course for?

Warehouse employees, Supervisors & Managers.

Duration & Level Of The Course.


This is an entry level course and the course duration is for 7 weeks.‚Äč

Outline Of The Course?

The course will meet the needs of persons in the Stores and or Warehouse environment.

Suitable for stores personnel at a supervisory or junior management position needing appropriate knowledge and basic understandings of Managing a Warehouse.

Materials Management personnel will also gain value from attending this program.

The content of the course will cover:

Warehousing & Supply chain management

Roles, responsibilities & relationships

Risk & safety management

Warehouse management

Warehouse safety

Inbound logisitics

Classification & coding of stock

Storage facilities

Materials handling & storing equipment

Stock taking & audits

Issues & returns

Outbound logistics

Transport & reverse logistics

Emergency procedure

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