Certified Production & Inventory Management

Who is the course for?

Planners, Inventory Controllers, Warehouse Managers, Schedulers, Manufacturing & Operations Managers (not limited to).

Duration & Level Of The Course.


This is an advanced level course which consists of two parts.  An international exam is required to be completed for each part.

Part 1 – 7 Weeks

Part 2 – 13 Weeks

Content Of The Course?

Designed using a proven approach for teaching adult learners, this program helps you understand, apply and engage with CPIM-focused content. 

All-in-one, streamlined system to prepare for CPIM exams. 

Targeted learning tools and practice questions. 

Customized study plan to focus on topics that need review. 

Practical knowledge to benefit you and your employer immedia

CPIM Part 1 

Module 1: Basics of Supply Chain Management (BSCM)

Section A: Introduction to Supply Chain Management , Section B: Demand Management , Section C: Master Planning , Section D: Material Requirements Planning, Section E: Capacity Management , Section F: Purchasing , Section G: Inventory Management , Section H: Execution and Control , Section I: Physical Distribution , Section J: Continuous Improvement 

CPIM Part 2  

Module 1: Strategic Management of Resources (SMR) 

Section A: Developing a Business Strategy , Section B: Gathering and Analyzing Internal/External Information , Section C: Where Will We Compete? , Section D: How Will We Compete?, Section E: Sustainability and Strategy , Section F: Business Planning , Section G: Aligning the Operations Strategy , Section H: Infrastructure

Module 2: Master Planning of Resources (MPR) 

Section A: Demand Management , Section B: Sales and Operations Planning , Section C: Master Scheduling, Section D: Distribution Planning

Module 3: Detailed Scheduling and Planning (DSP) 

Section A: Inventory Management , Section B: Materials Requirement Planning , Section C: Managing Projects, Section D: Detailed Capacity Planning, Section E: Planning Procurement and External Sources of Supply

Module 4: Execution and Control of Operations ( ECO) 

Section A: Execution of Operations , Section B: Scheduling and Authorization , Section C: Quality, Communication and Continuous Improvement , Section D: Design Concepts and Trade-Offs

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